The Hackaday Prize – Build Something That Matters and win a Space Trip

By on September 3, 2015
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Build Something That Matters

Last year The Hackaday Prize began a movement, this year we’re solving problems that matter to everyone.

The creative energy and years of experience found in our huge community of Hackers, Designers, and Engineers is waiting to be unleashed. Let’s use that potential and move humanity forward. This doesn’t mean one giant solution. Thousands of people, each lifting one stone, moves mountains.

Categories of the submitted projects are Pollution, Food or Energy.

Those who will solve a relevant problem, could win a charming first prize: a space trip (or a $196,000 for the settlers who don’t like travelling).

Other prizes include a trip to CERN or to Shenzen, a 90W laser cutter or a building kit. Should we try, not bad uh?

The semifinals will start on September 21st, we are eager to see who will go to Space!

Besides, there’s a chance to compete for the Product award, with a special prize of $100,000:

As an official entry in the 2015 Hackaday Prize you may choose to compete for the Best Product award. Deliver three working beta test units, prove your design can be manufactured, and you can win $100,000 in cash, a six month residency at the Hackaday Design Lab, and help with introductions to the partners you need to reach market.

Here are the 2015 challenging projects, in the next days we’ll go through few of them. Stay tuned!

Source: The Hackaday Prize – Hackaday Projects

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