The Amiga500 Comes Back to Life

By on April 3, 2018
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Once upon a time an all-in-one console-style cased machine that maybe wasn’t quite the computing powerhouse you might have wished it to be, but gave you enough of the capabilities of the more accomplished 16-bit machines of the day to be an object of desire while also having a games catalogue second to none: it was the A500.

Now, thanks to Raspberry Pi 3 and a bit of effort, you can bring back your old spare A500 case.

The maker has decided to build his A500 emulator avoiding modification or damage to the Amiga case, and eventually having all Amiga internal peripherals including the floppy drive in a fully working condition.

He has used a Tynemouth Software USB adaptor for the Amiga keyboard, and a set of nicely designed 3D printed backplates to bring the extended Raspberry Pi ports to the back of the case.

The floppy isn’t yet interfaced, but I think that the result could be quite good.

For further information you can visit the project’s page.


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