• Arduino-Based Retro Handheld Console

    TeleBall is a DIY Arduino based retro handheld game console that lets you play BreakOut in single-player mode using one device and Tennis for Two in multi-player mode using two devices communicating via radio. TeleBall is pretty...

    • Posted 5 months ago
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  • Kittenbot Meowbit Card-Sized Retro Game Console

    Kittenbot Meowbit is a tiny pocket games console equipped with a 1.8 inch display and powered by a 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 core processor. Priced at $34.90 the retro game computer can also be programmed and has...

    • Posted 6 months ago
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  • Sony PSP Comes Back To Life Thanks to a Raspberry Pi Zero

    If you have an old Sony PSP lying around gathering dust you may be interested in a new hack which fits the miniature Raspberry Pi Zero mini PC into the case of the Sony handheld games console....

    • Posted 12 months ago
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  • GamePi 2: the Handheld Raspberry Pi 3 Games Console

    Raspberry Pi enthusiast and gamer Max Mustermann has released a second version of his games console: the GamePi 2. The new handheld console is now equipped with dual joysticks together with a few tweaks to the speaker...

    • Posted 1 year ago
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  • Open Source “Game Boy” Runs Linux and Arduino

      Clockwork has surpassed its Kickstarter funding goal for a handheld GameShell device that is billed as “the world’s first modular, portable game console with a GNU/Linux embedded operating system.” The GameShell offers a variety of retro...

    • Posted 2 years ago
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