• Open Wheels 2: an all-in-one board to control any of your robotic Projects

      A scalable board to prototype motion control applications for automatic balanced robot or any other robot on wheels.     It was the 2013 when we presented a control board to make a clone of the...

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  • Open Source Robots to use Open Wheels project to help hospitalised children

    Everybody loves a visit to the zoo. And for a kid it can be an especially magical experience. But if you’re hospitalised, a trip out is easier said than done. For some children, it’s simply impossible. The...

    • Posted 9 years ago
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  • Adding telemetry to OpenWheels and feel like a PRO

    The series of posts devoted to the OpenWheels platform continues with the description of the processes related to the verification and management of the data collected from the sensors through a dedicated telemetry software .   At...

    • Posted 10 years ago
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  • Learn More about OpenWheels Firmware

    During the months spent developing OpenWheels, we worked hard to achieve a firmware that was both functional and fast. We used float type variables only when it was strictly necessary and we implemented a system interrupt to...

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  • Discover OpenWheels Electronics and Test It!

    Here comes the third post regarding our amazing OpenWheels: the Segway inspired open source and DIY two-wheels vehicle. For those who stumble upon this post for the first time, please check the launch here and the whole list here: http://www.open-electronics.org/tag/openwheels/...

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  • Openwheels: Put the mechanical pieces togheter

      Openwheels is fun! See me (Boris Landoni) happily driving the OpenWheels at Rome Maker Faire 2013   Here comes the second post regarding our amazing OpenWheels: the Segway inspired open source and DIY two-wheels vehicle. For those...

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  • Welcome OpenWheels the Open Source personal vehicle inspired by the Segway

      (This is the second post of the OpenWheels series. See all the posts by clicking here) As you may know, the invention of the SegWay is due to Mr. Dean Kamen who, noting the difficulties faced...

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