• RFID based Attendance system using Arduino and External EEPROM

      In this post we are going to learn how to build a RFID based attendance system using Arduino development board, RC522 RFID reader module and external EEPROM. We will take a brief look at RC522 RFID...

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      We build a lamp to set the desired colour via Bluetooth using a special App.  The project is based on Mercury System, created for the development of connectivity and IoT applications.   The lighting sector, like...

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  • Mercury System IoT & Connectivity Made Simple: the Framework

      Let’s complete the description of the modular development system dedicated to connectivity and IoT, deepening the discussion of the dedicated framework. Second Episode.   In the article published in the previous issue, we introduced the Mercury...

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  • Mercury System: IoT & Connectivity Made Simple

      Modular development system that simplifies connectivity and IoT applications: based on boards that can be combined as LEGO bricks, on a complete software framework. Allows scalability and modularity. The Internet of Things (or IoT, whether you...

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  • Arduino IDE 1.6.12 released with Sierra support and more!

    A new version of the Arduino IDE (1.6.12) supporting OSX Sierra is available for download! All OSX users updating to Sierra are invited to also update the IDE to avoid crashes when uploading sketches. This update includes an...

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