Arduino IDE 1.6.12 released with Sierra support and more!

By on September 29, 2016
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A new version of the Arduino IDE (1.6.12) supporting OSX Sierra is available for download! All OSX users updating to Sierra are invited to also update the IDE to avoid crashes when uploading sketches.

This update includes an experimental integration with Arduino Cloud API already used by Arduino Create. The Arduino Cloud is simple tool to connect your Arduinos to the Internet and to each other. From now on, when you insert for the first time an Arduino/Genuino or AtHeart board which needs an additional core, you will be prompted to automatically install its bundled software.

Release notes:

* CurieEEPROM has been refactored and now works as in AVR chips. To stress this change, the library now is called simply EEPROM (so any AVR sketch using EEPROM functionality will work out of the box)

* A LOT of improvement in I2C bus handling. Faster, more stable, ready to spin all your I2C gadgets

* Transitional BLE update. From now on, BLE firmware version needs to be in sync with CurieBLE library due to ABI changes. This means that your sketch using BLE won’t work if the FW version and CurieBLE are misaligned.
To avoid any problem, we introduced a check during upload which makes sure that the burned FW is ok for your application, and gives you complete instructions in case you need to upgrade/downgrade.

Also, this change introduces a way to update the x86 core from within the IDE, so any derived core can use “flashpack” to provide a full “out-of-the-box” experience.

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