Given two batteries, it chooses the one to connect to the load based on the voltage measured at their poles. It can also be used to switch DC power supplies. The growing demand for portable devices...

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      An audio file player based on an MP3 module with FM radio, Bluetooth and remote control; a 10 V stereo output and two speakers are used for the listening. The device can even work via outlet...

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  • Alphabot2: the OpenSource Robot

      The latest robot from Waveshare, it adds interesting features to the qualities of its predecessor. You were able to appreciate the instructional robotics platform on wheels called Alphabot, in an article dedicated to it, and you...

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      A robotics development platform based on a two-wheel mechanics plus pivoting wheel on which you can prototype applications, controllable with popular Arduino Uno, Raspberry Pi 3 boards or both.  Robotics is one of the most engaging...

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  • OpenStore: Smart switching battery charger

    Discover all our Smart switching battery charger in our store. The use of microprocessor technology in our battery chargers saves the life of your devices. The battery will never overcharge and the trickle charge will always be maintained. For...

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  • A Car Battery Level Indicator that plugs in your cigar lighter socket

      When inserted in the cigar lighter socket, it signals the electrical system’s voltage level by means of a bi-color LED.   Especially in the cold season, knowing the battery voltage, when the engine is off, allows...

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  • 500% funded on Kickstarter, PiJuice Raspberry Pi battery and solar powered

    PiJuice project has been already 500% funded on Kickstarter, and still one week to gather funds! What is PiJuice? As one of the smallest systems around there’s so many amazing things you could do with the Raspberry...

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