Walking Robot Using 1 Servo Motor

By on January 4, 2022
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I’ve been wanting to build this walker robot even since I saw it on YouTube. After a little searching I found some more information on it and decided to make my own.

The goal I had building this walker was to try and make it as small as I possibly could. I wanted it to fit in the palm of my hand and although I have pretty big palms, the legs just hang over.

The robot itself runs off a micro servo which has been modified to turn continuously. As the servo spins, it moves a couple of linkages which in turn move the back legs up and down and the front legs side to side allowing it to walk.

The build itself isn’t very difficult but “tuning” it in so the walking gait is right takes a little time. I did a fair bit of experimenting and have a few tips which hopefully will help you tune it in easier then it was for me.


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