SmartScope is reinventing the oscilloscope in Open Source (on Kickstarter)

By on February 1, 2014
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Do you remember Red Pitaya? That one wasn’t open source hardware. This new product instead, choose to develop all the framework in the open: maybe worth your support!

The world’s first 100MS/s open source oscilloscope for iPad, Android and PC. A must-have for every Arduino and Raspberry Pi developer!

The SmartScope is an open source instrument for every hardware developer. It combines a 2 channel 100MS/s oscilloscope, a digital waveform generator and a digital logic analyzer into one device.

It comes with an open source framework that will allow people to easily read and write bytes to and from the USB micro-controller and the FPGA, which makes it possible to control hardware devices from a smartphone.

via SmartScope – Reinventing the oscilloscope by LabNation — Kickstarter.


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