Raspberry Pi IoT Shield Family by Sixfab: last days on Kickstarter

By on December 9, 2016
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The Sixfab Raspberry Pi IoT Shield Family was made specifically to add connectivity to your IoT projects. You can now connect wherever and whenever without the need for a wifi network or ethernet cables. With our added capabilities, the IoT Shield Family will also work with other devices, not only the Raspberry Pi. This Kickstarter will allow even a beginner to enter the Internet of Things universe easily and efficiently with easy-to-use interfaces and instructions. We’ve also made all software open source, embracing the maker spirit.

There is no experience required to enter the world of IoT since we provide a computer interface, sample applications, and open source codes of the entire project design.We’ve done our best for you to get connected, right out of the box. The new family includes the following boards:

With a 4G/LTE Shield, a 3G Shield, and a GSM/GPRS Shield, you will be connected to the internet from anywhere. Selecting the connection speed is up to you. GSM GPRS Shield is our leading actor, because it’s like an All-in-one! Have a need for speed? We offer connectivity up to 100 Mbps with our 4G/LTE Shield and 14Mbps with 3G Shield.

With GPS Shield, all GPS data can easily be collected. Location, speed, and time can be used to derive much usedul information… With excellent stability and sensitivity the GPS shield consistently provides high signal reception efficiency.

The XBee Shield designed for XBee Modules by Digi allows all seemless connectivity with all XBee products. Point to point communication up to 28 Miles, Wi-fi, Mesh network, in the home or over terrain, all at your fingertips.

SixfabSixfab is a US based tech company founded in 2015 by an experienced team of engineers and makers.

Sixfab is motivated by future generations better equipped to innovate and all Sixfab projects aim to facilitate this goal. The first product we released was the Tinylab. Tinylab brought many of the tools makers and students rely on together, in one portable “lab”. Tinylab has already been a great success and is used by students, teachers, engineers, and makers all around the world.

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