Raspberry Pi Dev Builds NES Classic Using Retro Emulation

By on December 14, 2016
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The NES Classic Edition has become something of a Christmas must-have, as a generation of ageing gamers want to show their kids how much more enjoyable and inventive the games of old were, before they all became about realistic footballers and squad-based wars with anonymous online racists.

The result is a homebrew Nintendo gaming shrine that costs a total of £92 (£72), and being built around an open source Linux emulation framework means there are significantly more games to play on the thing than the 30 NES titles officially available for Nintendo’s own NES Classic Edition.

Get a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, a 64GB Samsung memory card, a Raspberry Pi 3 case, and two Buffalo Classic USB Gamepads that they say aren’t too far away from the classic original controllers in terms of responsibility and feel, and away you go, playing games you’re probably already a little bored of despite their classic status, but what else is there to do now? [Ars via Geek]

Source: Gizmodo UK

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