Puck Platform wants to be RaspberryPi of Bluetooth

By on August 22, 2014
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This interesting platform called Puck, is built upon the first mbed chip with Bluetooth, created by Nordic Semiconductor.

The project is also open-source hardware (MIT licence) and there’s a lot of supporting materials.

We make it easy to rapidly prototype and develop Bluetooth LE enabled devices – get up and running in under 10 lines of code, written directly in the browser.

Whether you want to monitor your door to tell if it’s open or closed, or maybe your want to text your wife when you leave work, together, now’s the time to make that project.

We’ve developed a handful of awesome examples to demonstrate the platform. These examples are named ‘Pucks’. By talking to the internet through your smartphone, the barrier to creating your own Internet of Things device is lower than ever.

via Nordic Pucks.


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