Bluetooth audio glasses

By on September 17, 2021
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In this project we will see how to build a pair of glasses in which the circuits for Bluetooth headsets are inserted in the frame. Therefore you can listen to music wirelessly while wearing.

The circuit consists of three main parts: audio amplifier circuit, bluetooth module and charging module.

The TP4056 acts as a charging module and is connected to the battery; since the goggles are cordless, they will need to contain a rechargeable battery, and therefore, an appropriate circuit is also needed to safely charge and discharge the battery, which is what the TP4056 does. There is also a protection feature in the board that prevents the battery voltage from getting too high or too low.

The Bluetooth module allows your device (phone/laptop/tablet) to connect wirelessly to the glasses.

The PAM8403 board is perhaps the cheapest and most effective audio amplifier board around. It has three input pins which are connected to the three output pins of the Bluetooth module. It also has 4 output pins, two for each speaker/earphone corresponding to the left and right side.

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