PSDR is a Pocket HF SDR Open Source Transceiver with VNA and GPS

By on January 26, 2015
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Very interesting project of an HF/Shortwave Software Defined Transceiver radio.

And it’s fully open source (software plus hardware!).

We love when kickstarter lets surface such a niche, spectacular project!

The Portable Software Defined Radio, or PSDR, is an Open Source, Fully stand-alone HF/Shortwave Software Defined Transceiver. It includes a Vector Network Analyzer and Antenna Analyzer as well as GPS. It’s built for rugged portable use. It is designed to be a flexible platform for development, a learning aid, and and a useful instrument for electronics enthusiasts.

via PSDR – Pocket HF SDR Transceiver with VNA and GPS by Michael Colton — Kickstarter.

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