Open Modules for your DIY Smart Home by Engimusing — Kickstarter

By on March 21, 2015
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Our friend Joe George introduced us his Kickstarter project. It has gathered 60% of the requested funding and it has still few days to go!

Everyday, millions of homes around the world suffer through the cruel realities of life without home automation. At Engimusing we are determined to make a difference. Donate today, receive a Hero Kit, and start the journey of ease, comfort, and savings for you and your home.

Engimusing modules are designed for the DIY person and make it easy to connect the things in your home to the Internet so you can monitor and control them from anywhere.

You can control your garage and gates, a thermostat, water and gas management and the very interesting thing is that you don’t need a specific application. The whole system is 100% compatible with openHab app and uses an open gateway topology: you can buy one or build your own using Raspberrry Pi or a similar device.

The switches are really compact (the size of a small coin) and 100% compliant to open source hardware and open source initiative communities specification.


Help him via DIY Home Automation – Open Modules for your Smart Home by Engimusing — Kickstarter.

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