NEOH : buy it instead of 25 speakers!

By on February 22, 2015
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3D Sound Labs has been already pledged double money of the minimum requested by their Kickstarter campaign. The 3D sound headphones named “Neoh” they are making seems a real disruptive product in that field, equipped with multi-speakers, movement sensors and a music player that does the magic by compensating the realistic sound according to head movements. Here is what 3D Sound Labs says about Neoh:

“Please meet Neoh, headphones for cinema sound anytime, anywhere ! Neoh is the first wearable home theater system. These headphones provide spatial sound simulation, using embedded motion sensors to provide the most immersive sound experience technology has ever brought to you. Our mobile application simulates multi-point sound sources in a virtual environment. The experience is comparable to the latest generation of movie theater surround sound systems or the most sophisticated home theater equipment on the market. With our 360° sound technology, we have successfully introduced a realistic and theatrical sound experience to 3D audio headphones”

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