MagicBox finishes 3D prints and makes them beautiful

By on June 10, 2014
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Despite not being opensource, this project is really clever and may trigger some open source hacker in the same direction!

MagicBox: Mass finishing for ABS and PLA 3D prints on your desktop. The best companion for your 3D printer. By SKY-TECH.

Polish your 3D prints… Magically! 

Easier than saying “ABRACADABRA!” or waving around a magic wand, the MagicBox will give you the look and feel you want from your creations. It polishes ABS and PLA prints to a glassy smooth finish in almost no time at all! 

via MagicBox – Magically finish your 3D prints! by SKY-TECH Co., Ltd. — Kickstarter.

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