M-One is another opensource, professional, DLP 3D printer

By on September 18, 2014
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We apparently lost this beautiful DLP printer project that got funding in july on kickstarter. The project apparently declares that will be open source!

M-One brings creativity right to your desktop

We found the 3D printing machines for designers had either not enough resolution or were too large in size, while still requiring professional skills and a very complex process to operate. So we started to develop an affordable, high detail desktop-size printer, that is reliable, easy to use, and perfect for companies and personal use. Hence the M-One was born!

At the same time, we plan for the M-One to be an open-source project, to create and foster a community of high resolution 3D printing, working together to make M-One the best it can be. 

via M-One: An opensource, professional desktop DLP 3D printer by MakeX — Kickstarter.


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