How many 3D printers could a 3D printer 3D print?

By on January 19, 2018
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“How many 3D printers could a 3D printer 3D print if a 3D printer could 3D print 3D printers?”

Colorado-based Aleph Objects brought nine LulzBot 3D printers and four techs to Las Vegas, crafting new LulzBot Mini components and assembling new 3D printers in a show floor factory setup — to the company’s knowledge, a first-of-its-kind showing at the massive annual consumer electronics show.

LulzBot’s Director of Marketing Ben Malouf said:

“The idea is to bring our factory here.

We have a cluster of nine printers printing printer parts, with four techs. We’re giving away 16 of the printers made here — they’re a special edition.

We had talked about how to get the most out of CES, as a 3D printer company, since the consumer bubble burst. We differentiate ourselves in a few ways, and one is that we’re open source and really show how we do it, how we use our printers to print our printers. Showing that makes it easy for people to connect the dots. So we thought we would bring the process here.

The Made It In Vegas LulzBot Mini 3D printers created during the show were each stamped as such, and subject to the same rigorous quality control as any factory-made units.

The units made during CES contained some recently-released features: the new LCD controller, the Aerostruder and the Print Bed Heater.

  • The LCD controller precludes the necessity of connecting to a computer, which Malouf noted as a much-requested feature to allow for greater flexibility of use.
  • The Aerostruder, just released last week, is designed for both the TAZ and the Mini, bringing together the popular Titan Aero Extruder and Hot End from E3D with LulzBot 3D printing, allowing for the 3D printing of both solid and flexible materials.
  • The third new feature seen on these units, the Print Bed Heater, brings heated bed capabilities to the Mini.

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