Hardware Security Keys Go Open Source With Solo

By on November 19, 2018
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If you are concerned about your social networking accounts, cloud storage or falling foul to sophisticated phishing techniques online, you may be interested in a new open source FIDO2 security key that is equipped with both NFC wireless technology and a USB connection.

Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection, and Solo is the first open source hardware security key to utilize the new FIDO2 standard.

Two-factor authentication allows you to verify if you’re the account owner in two separate ways. The first is almost always by entering your password, and the second, currently, is usually with a temporary code sent to you via SMS. That provides a lot more security, but it’s still not perfect. Solo is a physical USB or NFC hardware security key that replaces that second verification or adds another layer, and is a lot more secure.

“Our new Solo security keys work seamlessly on many services, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Github, and many more. Because Solo supports the new FIDO2 standard, you get the strongest secure login, with protection against phishing, account takeover, and other online attacks. And it’s incredibly easy to use and consistent across all sites: when you login, after username and password, you plug Solo in your computer and just press its button to get access.

Open source at their core, our keys are verified, trustworthy and hide no secrets. Well, except one: a master secret is safely stored and protected by the Solo secure processor, so that only you can log in, of course!”

For a full list of all available pledges, specifications and available options jump over to the official Solo Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page.

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