Felfil Evo. A filament extruder for 3D printers made for you by Collettivo Cocomeri

By on October 19, 2015
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Felfil Evo, the open source filament extruder for 3D printers made for makers. Ready for experimentation, it will help you save money!

An easy to use filament extruder, which will allow anyone to produce their 3D printer filament on their own, starting from industrial pellet, wrong 3d prints or recycled wastes.

You will be able to choose your filament colour, diameter and material, day by day, according to your creativity and your curiosity.

“Born as the main topic of Master degree dissertation, Felfil has been downloaded by more than 800 people, not bad at all. The interest of the maker community gave brand new yang graduaters the strength to transform it into a business project. So, Collettivo Cocomeri designed Felfil Evo, the natural evolution of the first Felfil, now supported by i3P, the business incubator of Politecnico of Turin, through the program Treatabit.
“Evo” means evolution and, in effect, this new product was born from Felfil experience. The development has been so deep that led to the definition of an extremely renewed product. Firstly, the electronic system is controlled by a board compatible with Arduino that allows more freedom for the user who has the desire to experiment, as well as higher ease of use. Secondly, another evolution is the case, carefully elaborated in its design. The plexiglass and the aluminium present a very nice look, making Felfil Evo a great product also to look at.
Finally, inside we find out further technical and functional refinements. The hopper is 3D printed, the chamber is made of anodized aluminium and, last but not list, the extrusion screw, specifically lathered, makes Felfil Evo an extremely interesting product, especially considering its price, very competitive in the market.
With this extruder the user can produce a filament of 1,75mm or 3 mm diameters of ABS, PLA, and any other material whose melting temperature is below 300 ° and then print in 3D at an extremely low cost.The cost of 1 kg of pellet goes around 5$, while the same quantity in spool form is around 35$. It is a great saving, without taking into account the possibility of reusing the material of old prints or imperfect ones with no cost.
We strongly believe in the future of 3d printing, so we decide to design something taht could make them more efficent and less expensive. That’s our aim and
in order to keep the price of the extruder low, a small series is needed, and with your help, we will make it. 

We would like to demonstrate how a product made for makers and open may have a possible commercial future.”  Fabrizio Mesiano CEO

More details on the Kickstarter page.

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