Facebook is aiming to overcome Cisco and Juniper with Open source Networking

By on February 20, 2015
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Facebook recently released as an open source project its design for a networking device that it says will coordinates the actions of hundreds of thousands of servers in Facebook’s data centers. The target are the bigs like Cisco and Juniper but, respect to those ones, FB has some secret weapons and a huge knowledge of what Data is:

“The company already has one of the most automated computing systems around. While most enterprises have a ratio in data centers of one person for every 250 to 500 computers, Facebook has 25,000 machines for every person, Mr. Parikh said. Facebook’s entire network, he said, is overseen by just one person at any given time. Facebook, which has the world’s largest repository of photographs and can personalize social pages for millions of people at once, hopes open sourcing its hardware will attract people outside the company to innovate on Facebook’s behalf. According to the company, last year 1,000 non-Facebook people contributed to products that Facebook had open sourced”

via Facebook Takes Its Hardware Designs to a Giant Scale – NYTimes.com.

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