Easy to Use and with Linux-Driven BeagleBone SBC: It’s the new Voladd 3D Printer

By on October 21, 2017
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Spain based Voladd has won Kickstarter funding for a Voladd 3D printer that runs Debian Linux on a BeagleBone Black single board computer.The Voladd connects to a cloud service, and does not require an attached computer.

The printer stands out with its mobile app remote control (it provides updates on printer head type, color, connectivity, temperature, and data delivery and receipt status), as well as a streamlined cloud interface that lets you download one of thousands of free designs in 25 categories and share designs and printer access with others. Kickstarter pricing starts with early bird packages of 499 Euros ($591), with shipments due in December.

Voladd 3D Printer aims to hit the home market. Billed as “the first 3d printer for the masses,” the WiFi and Ethernet equipped device features a sleek consumer electronics style design aimed primarily at novices.
The printer is touted for its compact 40 x 29 x 29cm size when compared to its large, 3,281 cubic centimeter, 17.5 x 12.5 x 15cm printing capacity. You can print objects up to 15cm tall.

The printer features a novel cartridge system with varying tip widths, starting with medium (0.4mm) and bold (0.6mm), with plans to soon introduce a fine (0.2mm) head. The compact filament cartridges are said to improve ease of use with automatic recognition by the printer using NFC communications.
Storage is provided as a buffer for downloaded designs while the printer is working, although it’s unclear if there’s a microSD card along with the BeagleBone’s 4GB of eMMC.

Many configurations are available for purchasing on Voladd’s Kickstarter page.

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