DIY Robotic Arm for Raspberry Pi Hits Kickstarter

By on March 14, 2019
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SB Components has gone to Kickstarter to launch an open source hardware and software PiArm robotic arm kit aimed at the DIY maker and education markets.

Specifically created for children, makers and those interested in learning more about robotics the DIY robotic arm is easy to construct and program. The 6-axis, 430mm tall PiArm offers servos with 360 degrees of rotation freedom and includes a gripper. It can pick and place, detect objects, sense motions or anything in its area, with any given orientation.

PiArm lets you learn robotics and programming by interfacing with the Raspberry Pi board. The DIY Arm uses Raspberry Pi as the brain. This allows it to connect with the internet and the Bluetooth making it even more powerful and remotely controlling the robot. The PiArm can be controlled with or without the supplied Python programming libraries. Options include laptop, joystick, and mobile phone controls. Control apps are available for the laptop and mobile devices.

This basic kit, which will later be available for $289 and then $369, includes a Servo Shield controller board, PiArm components, a power supply, and a 16GB microSD card pre-loaded with a Linux-based robotics stack. There are also LCD packages that add 5-inch ($448) and 7-inch ($474) touchscreens and 5W speakers.

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