DIY Open Source Figh Fidelity Preamplifier

By on February 21, 2019
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Max Williams has just shared on schematics, PCB layouts, CircuitPython code via GitHub, BoMs, measurements and photos about his new open source modular HiFi amplifier. It uses an Adafruit ItsyBitsy M0 Express running CircuitPython to make great music.

The preamplifier is made up of a number of connected components:

  • MDAC attenuator (PCB, code): Controls the volume
  • Input selector (PCB, code): Selects the input
  • Encoder panel (PCB, code): Holds rotary encoder and LED indicator
  • Power supply 5V (PCB): Power supply for digital components.
  • Power supply +/- 15V (PCB): Power supply for MDAC attenuator op-amp
  • Microcontroller board (PCB): Holds the microcontroller and other connectors
  • RCA panel (PCB): For the RCA sockets and connectors

The high performance amplifier has been constructed using quality components and is completely digitally controlled. Offering makers a modular open source design. The PCBs and schematics for the project were created by Max using KiCad and the code that runs on the microcontroller is CircuitPython. The project is completely open source.

Jump  over to the official website for further information.

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