Data Logger with tinyK20 Board

By on December 1, 2015
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After presenting yesterday the tinyK20 board, we will show you two example projects done by using the MCU board.

Today, a datalogger device used to log gyro sensors:

For a research project we would like to use the tinyK20 to log gyro sensor data. For this I have created a quick-n-dirty project to explore how feasible it is. The tinyK20 has all the pins on the outside of the board, so I’m able to put it on a bread board.

The tinyK20 has been designed with the data logger as one of its applications. For this, there is a micro-SD card socket on the bottom side of the PCB.

The cool thing with the tinyK20 is that I can use it to debug another board. As a bonus, the tinyK20 is able to power the target board trough the SWD cable. The internal USB regulator of the Freescale Kinetis K20 is able to offer around 100 mA. I use the DC-DC converter on the backside of the tinyK20 to power more than the 100 mA.

I used a Segger J-Link to get performance data with the Segger SystemViewer.

Right now I’m logging dummy data. Checking the performance with the Segger SystemViewer for FreeRTOS shows around 20 ms to append 20 bytes to a file (csv format). See the GitHub page for the full code.

more info and pictures: Data Logger with tinyK20 Board | MCU on Eclipse

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