EZBlock Pi is an Easy to Use Raspberry Pi Programming Interface

By on April 26, 2019
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A brand new Raspberry Pi HAT is these days beneath building designed to offer customers with a very simple to make use of Raspberry Pi programming interface within the type of the aptly named EzBlock Pi. Enabling customers to make use of easy drag-drop coding processes and platforms reminiscent of Blockly, Python, and Swift to construct a large number of other initiatives and programs for the Raspberry Pi mini PC.

Offering Internet of Things integration the EzBlock Pi Raspberry Pi companion board offers 10M Bluetooth transmission and is powered by a Cortex M4 MCU.

An stm32 controller run app, EzBlock Pi+ that enables to unlock physical computation applications with all types of Raspberry Pi. With high DIYing possibilities and sensor extension, EzBlock Pi enriches the developing and learning experience. And no additional power supply required. Easy, Efficient, Effortless.

Hardware features:

– Individual Bluetooth 4.0.
– Fast-prototype
– your ideas, such as
– transfer code,
– debug, and control a Bluetooth powered remote seamlessly!
– Expand possibilities with 8-channel 12-bit ADC input, 8-channel PWM output in EZblock Pi.

Software features:

– EZblock studio app connects with the individual Bluetooth in EZblock Pi and enables easy wireless transfer.
– Your own customizable Bluetooth remote control to navigate your creative project smoothly.
– Possibility to create diverse projects with IoT panel, such as projects with temperature update, moisture control, etc.
– Support 3 programming languages, Blockly, Python, and Swift.

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