BME680 sensor board from Bosch is now available on Adafruit

By on November 15, 2017
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Makers, developers, electronic enthusiasts and hobbyists waiting for the arrival of the BME680 sensor board from Bosch at the Adafruit online store will be pleased to know that the environmental sensing board is now available.

Providing the ability to track temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and VOC gas from a tiny little add-on. Similar to the BME280 and BMP280 add-on boards, the precise BME680 sensor from Bosch can measure humidity with ±3% accuracy, barometric pressure with ±1 hPa absolute accuracy, and temperature with ±1.0°C accuracy.

Because pressure changes with altitude, and the pressure measurements are so good, you can also use it as an altimeter with ±1 meter or better accuracy, say its developers.

The BME680 takes those sensors to the next step in that it contains a small MOX sensor. The heated metal oxide changes resistance based on the volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air, so it can be used to detect gasses & alcohols such as Ethanol, Alcohol and Carbon Monoxide, and perform air quality measurements. Note it will give you one resistance value, with overall VOC content, but it cannot differentiate gasses or alcohols.

The BME680 sensor is now available to purchase on Adafruit online store priced at $22.50.

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