BeGo: Fully open source smartwatch

By on February 28, 2016
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BeGo is an open source smartwatch startup from Finland.They have designed and produced a fully open source smartwatch and they are ready to start an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Smartwatch market is still on its early development stage and only few players now dominating this market. Most of them are offering high end smartwatches with touch screen and powerful processor. That’s creating high price of 250-300 euros, almost price of a decent smartphone this days. That is not making it available for the wide market. That’s when we decided that we can create own smartwatches with open-source platform.

BeGo are the first fully open source smartwatches on the market. Our watch is working on own operation system BeGo OS.
The platform is now fully working and has all the popular features that a smartwatch need:
1.calls, messages, notifications media notifications: facebook, twitter, VK
3.Your personal log
4.Intelligent pedometer
5.Music control

BeGo OS is fast and responsive to your daily tasks. All the peripherals are working in parallel with low energy consumption which is powered by large 640mAh Li-on battery. That enables you to reach up to 5 days working time from single charge. Wide horizontal oriented screen allows user to easily monitor required  notifications, time, weather and your sport progress simultaneously.  By supporting open source idea our GUI is totally customizable. That allows anyone to maintain any piece of the interface. Navigation is fast and enjoyable process.

BeGo is the first fully open source smart watches on the market. Our community is simultaneously growing with the functionality of the watches, because people are the main affecting factor in our development. Opened environment uncovers big amount of opportunities  in development starting from design and finishing with hardware.


Source: BeGo

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