Drill depth display with gyro sensor

By on September 22, 2022
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Most bench drills have a ruler to read the drilling depth. The greater the accuracy at which the desired position can be read, the greater the success of the job. In this project we see an alternative proposal: a display in which we see the drilling depth thanks to a gyroscopic sensor and an 8-digit 7-segment display with Arduino Nano support.


But how is the depth of drilling measured? There are several possibilities for a length measurement. An ultrasonic measurement could work, a wire encoder and a rotary encoder are also possible choices, here we see an alternative solution.

Most drills have a side handwheel to adjust the depth which can be turned approx. 270 °. So not even a full turn, you can then measure the angle with a gyro sensor. The cable connection cannot be twisted and only one inexpensive component is required (such as the MPU-6050).

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