Banana Pi BPI-M2 Plus V1.2, the Perfect SBC for Those People Who Look at the PMIC

By on July 15, 2018
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When you decide to buy a new development board, usually you look at the processor, memory, storage, and the external ports, as well as I/Os. But if you look, above all, at the PMIC (Power Management IC) on the board, the upgraded Banana Pi M2 plus v1.2 might be just the thing.

Development boards can work without PMIC, modern processor all rely on DVFS ( Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling), but sometimes it might not be enough.

SinoVoIP launched Banana Pi M2 Plus board without proper power management using a fixed supply voltage of 1.3V. Allwinner processors’ DVFS works at 1.1V and 1.3V, but since it was not possible on BPI M2 Plus board, overheating could easily happen. The company has now decided to upgrade their board with version 1.2 of Banana Pi M2 Plus PCB now adding proper support for SY8113BADC / RT7295A voltage regulators.

So as you can see from the schematics below, CPUX-SET can be configured high or low to set the voltage to either 1.3V or 1.1V and DVFS should now work correctly, and overheating issues should now be more manageable. So if you ever need to buy a new Banana Pi M2+ board make sure it’s based on V1.2 PCB for optimal operation.

Further information are availbale in the post.

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