AutoPi, The Open Source Platform to “Improve” Your Car

By on September 12, 2017
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A Danish startup called has gone to Kickstarter to launch a Raspberry Pi Zero W based AutoPi dongle that plugs into the same OBD-II port that automotive repair people use to run diagnostics and tap other telematics features. intends to establish the AutoPi and its associated cloud service as an affordable, open platform for DIY types to create automotive applications including voice recognition, remote start, auto door lock and unlock, crash and theft detection, eco-drive optimization, mobile hotspot, traffic monitoring, and even touchscreen HUD devices and parking assistance gizmos.

The Linux-driven AutoPi is built around the WiFi and Bluetooth enabled, 1GHZ ARM11-based Raspberry Pi Zero W. The add-on board that attaches to the Zero W includes a secure OBD module with power management, an accelerometer, speakers, GPIO pins, two USB host ports, and a mini-HDMI port.

AutoPi is available in three different versions:
– Wifi only for $197
– Wifi + 4G/LTE radio with micro-SIM slot and a GPS chip for $261
– DIY version for $98. It consists of a simplified AutoPi HAT board that works with the Raspberry Pi 3. This model lacks 4G, GPS, speaker, cable, and speakers. The HAT adapter also lacks WiFi, BT, and the USB and HDMI ports, but these are provided by the RPi 3.

The development platform, which lives on an AutoPi Cloud service, includes a customizable dashboard, REST based APIs, and the ability to run commands from a live terminal. Although the development platform is open, there are no specific claims here for open source hardware.

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