An Open Source desktop sized CAT Scanner

By on November 1, 2013
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The guy behind the Tricorder project published a fantastic experiment in creating an open source, cheap CT Scanner.

This project just gives you a glance of the potential of open source innovation in medicals and health devices:

I decided that I wanted to try and build an open source CT scanner, and to do it for a lot less than the cost of me getting scanned, by using rapid prototyping methods like laser cutting and 3D printing.

It’s been a few years since I’ve had access to a laser cutter, and they’re one of my favorite and most productive rapid prototyping tools. In the spirit of efforts like the Reprap project, I enjoy exploring non-traditional approaches to design, and designing machines that can be almost entirely 3D printed or laser cut. Fast-forward almost two and a half years to last month, and the local hackerspace happened to have a beautiful laser cutter generously donated. This is the first cutter I’ve had real access to since grad school, and with the CT scanner project waiting for a laser cutter and a rainy day for nearly two years, I immediately knew what I wanted to have a go at designing. On to the details.

via Towards an inexpensive open-source desktop CT scanner | the Tricorder project.


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