Action-Sports Airframe for Drones on Kickstarter

By on February 11, 2014
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The drone frenzy is not stopping: after years of drone fights, these guys ended up with the toughest Action-Sports AirFrame for drones and they’re currently raising funds on kickstarter for few days.

Sadly, non open source.


 The project was born in the SF Bay Area, the result of years of research in the unforgiving arena of top secret drone “fight clubs.” (“If it flies, it fights” is our motto). After trying everything else – including metal, carbon fiber, wood, laser cut cardboard, found objects and every manner of commercial drone airframe, we were never satisfied with the durability of these attempts – something radical was needed to produce “the last drone standing.” Our experiments have taught us a ton about different materials and designing drones for durability, as well as the need for an airframe that can be used with the widest selection of 3rd party electronics, motors, etc… The first materials we tried were styrene and PET plastic, but they weren’t robust enough. We attempted polycarbonate, ABS and commercial Kydex, all of which held promise but each had significant limitations as well. After contacting several plastics and chemical companies, we’ve made arrangements to manufacture our airframes using a special polymer alloy that offers the best qualities of all the other materials. There is simply nothing else like it on the market. Watch our drone torture videos for proof.

World’s Toughest Action-Sports Airframe by Game of Drones by Marque Cornblatt — Kickstarter.




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