3D Robotics software now integrates with DJI drones

By on August 14, 2017
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Back in 2015, California-based startup 3D Robotics seemed poised to compete for the top spot in the consumer drone market. It had a great reputation among the hobbyist community and a slick unit called the Solo. Unfortunately, the Solo’s performance and sales didn’t live up to expectations, and last year, 3D Robotics bowed out of the consumer drone game.
The Solo drone is now back as an open-source platform that any hacker or entrepreneur can build on top of.

The company is now focused on enterprise software, specifically an offering called Site Scan that aims to help construction and engineering firms better manage their building sites and operations. Starting this month, 3D Robotics’ mobile app will work with DJI drones.

“At this point it’s pretty clear DJI offers the best hardware platform for both consumer and commercial. In economics this is the division of labor, the specialization,” said 3D Robotics CEO Chris Anderson. “No one company can do it all, especially given the rapid growth of the commercial sector, where it’s all about integration with specific tool kits.”

For Site Scan customers, flying a DJI drone has the exact same workflow: you can use our mobile app, Site Scan Field. DJI drones will work seamlessly with Site Scan, including its autonomous flight modes, multi-engine cloud processing, and suite of tools designed for construction, such as: performing topographic surveys, calculating cut and fill volumes, measuring stockpiles, exporting native Autodesk file formats, and much more.

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