Zero BreadBoard Multi-Power Supply

By on September 5, 2018
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The Zero Multi-Power Supply is a powerful power supplier board for your electronics project and it offers a number of input and outputs and can easily be attached to a breadboard providing outputs from 1.25V-24V.

Features are:

  • Multi Input
  • Multi Output
  • Leave Input at the bottom board to support the board and balance the board
  • Wide Rage output 1.25V-24V
  • Use DC-DC switch convert (Buck and Boost) to ensure the power efficient.

4 types of input can be used depending on your needs and requirements Micro USB in :5V, Mini USB in:5V, DC3.5 in:5-12V and DC5.5 in:5-12V.

The wide range output is the source of Adj1, Adj2 and Fixed 3.3V. If the voltage is lower than 6V, the Adj1, Adj2 and Fixed 3.3V will not working properly. Is recommended only to use the wide range output 6V-24V to ensure Adj1, Adj2 and Fixed 3.3V working properly.

The breadboard power supply is now available to back via Kickstarter with early bird pledges available from just 7 pounds and worldwide shipping expected to take place during October 2018.

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