ZeGo is a multifunctional delta robot that can 3D print (and more)

By on May 3, 2014
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This super cool multifunctional – open source – delta robot just launched on Indiegogo. The cool thing is that by using magnetic based attachments, ZeGo can quickly and easily be turned into a 3D printer, engraver, entry level pick and place machine, and much more!

The ZeGo bot is multifunction delta robot. And it is one of the fastest ways to get involved in DIY  robotics and 3D printing.  The ZeGo classic assembly kit comes with all of the hardware, electronics, tools and software that you need, to assemble and operate your ZeGo bot, right out  the box, including one attachment of your choice to expand the functionality of this versatile tool. Right now we have 5 different attachments and applications developed for the ZeGo bot. 

via ZeGo: multifunctional delta robot with 3D printing attachment. | Indiegogo.

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