WiFi telegraph with ESP8266

By on August 22, 2021
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In the age of Zoom, Messenger and Snapchat calls, communication around the world has become commonplace. But what if you could go back in time and painstakingly write the message one beep at a time? With this WiFi telegraph you can do it!

Not many components are needed; essential is the ESP8266 module. We decided to make the system more appealing and then add a telegraph key and an audio amplifier to get louder acoustic signals, however you can use a standard button and connect the speaker to the pins of the microcontroller without amplification.

In this case we made a PCB, the alternative is to recreate the circuit on a breadboard. You can build as many telegraphs as you want and connect them. In the code we have set three different channels, to switch between them just press the “flash” button next to the USB port on the board.

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