Why Should I Learn Java in 2018?

By on February 21, 2018
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IT sphere opens countless opportunities not only in terms of well-paid jobs but also in terms of career prospects and convenience. It will not come as a surprise that programmers and IT specialists usually get well-paid jobs. They also enjoy possibility to find a job that will let them work remotely.

One thing students might find difficult is to decide which programming language to choose. There are a lot of programming languages but specialists recommend starting with learning Java. Today, it is not a problem considering the amount of books, tutorials and websites dedicated to this language. You can use java tutorials on explainjava.com or use other online resources. However, if you still hesitate whether you should start with Java, take a couple of minutes in order to read the facts that will change your mind.



Reasons to Learn Java

  1. The most popular programming language. Java remains the most popular programming language in the world. Despite the fact that the amount of programmers learning Java is increasing, the demand for Java specialist is increasing too. Moreover, Java is believed to be the background of programming. In fact, you can find it everywhere – non-web environment, operating systems, and many kinds of devices. The programming language has a wide toolset and can be used in many ways. Learning and using Java requires logic and ability to think both – abstract and specific.
  2. A well-paid programming language. Numerous reports say that Java language is one of the most highly-paid languages. There are a lot of positions in big companies, including worldwide, looking for corresponding specialists. You will not only find a good job, you will also find a well-paid job. All you need is to learn Java and include it in your CV.
  3. It is a widely-used programming language. It has been estimated that over 3,5 billion devices in the world are operating on Java. That means that this programming language will give you opportunity to create programs that will work almost everywhere – ATMs, TVs, Kindle e-readers, some medical devices, automobiles, etc. On addition, it is used in many applications such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook. Just think of Android. All its applications are written in Java. It is the best language to create new applications in any area, including medical, financial, or manufacturing.



  1. Easy to learn. Experts confess that it is one of the easiest languages. It only seems when you start but once you have acquired some skills and learned basic principles, you will easily continue with more sophisticated concepts and languages.
  2. Easily accessible learning tutorials for new programmers. Students, who ahead with learning Java, do not experience any difficulties with information. There are a lot of manuals, tutorials, and trainings dedicated to mastering Java skills. It is possible to join forums and discuss various topics related to learning this particular programming language. Students easily find like-minded students or experts, who can share experience and give advice.

Are you convinced? It is the right time to find a good course for learning Java. Don’t miss a chance to live out your dream!


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