Wafer: customizable NFC tag sticker on Indiegogo

By on June 17, 2014
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We just received a submission for this interesting project: despite this is not open source, it can be used to power your creativity and we always welcome innovations coming into the NFC realm:

Wafer is an NFC tag for all existing NFC devices, which is not only cheaper than its competition but has more memory, maximum device compatibility and is customizable with you own text. 

This tiny little tag is very intuitive and user-friendly and comes with a whole lot of applications:

-Turn your phone to silent by just tapping on to the tag.

-Share your contact, blog, website by just tapping any NFC-enabled device.

-Launch Maps or any other app on your phone quickly.

-Quickly update your status on your Social networks, and a lot more.

With costing of just $1.2 a piece, this is something one should not miss if having a NFC capable device.

Wafer: An inexpensive, customizable NFC tag sticker | Indiegogo.

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