Voice-Controlled Magnification Glasses

By on March 10, 2018
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Using a Raspberry Pi Zero the maker and developer Mauro Pichiliani has created a very unique pair of magnification glasses that can be controlled using your voice.

The voice-controlled magnification glasses have been designed to flip up and down when required allowing a wearer to keep their hands in position and alter the glasses hands free. The mechanism also uses the Raspbian operating system together with and a USB microphone and accompanying software.

 “Many professionals work for many hours looking at very small areas, such as surgeons, watchmakers, jewellery designers and so on. Most of the time these professionals use some kind of magnification glasses that helps them to see better the area they are working with and other tiny items used on the job. The devices that had magnifications lens on a form factor of a glass usually allow the professional to move the lens out of their eye sight, i.e. put aside the lens. However, in some scenarios touching the lens or the glass rim to move away the lens can contaminate the fingers. Also, it is cumbersome and can break the concentration of the professional.”

All you need to build the glasses is:

Please visit the project’s page or watch the video below for further information.

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