Updates from the 3Drag 3dprinting contest: Alessio Fusi’s Hack

By on October 3, 2014
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Auto-leveling bed, Alessio Fusi's hack

Auto-leveling bed, Alessio Fusi’s hack

Alessio Fusi hacked his 3Drag/K8200 printer by replacing the original threaded rod with a trapezoidal rod, assembled with a gearbox between it and the stepping motor with a reduction rate of 50:20.

In a short time, Alessio will replace the gearbox too (fully printed with the printer itself) with a 30:10 ratio that, together with the 3mm step of the trapezoidal threaded rod and the electronic reduction of the stepping motor steps by 1/32 rate, will lead to a Z-axis resolution up to 6400 steps per mm.

The trapezoidal threaded rod is also built with a higher accuracy respect to original M8 rod, reducing the maximum error to 0.05mm every 400mm of rod.

Besides, another hack has been done to have better adhesion of the first layer onto the plate. Alessio implemented a 9-point autoleveling system. Before starting the printing process, the machine moves to 9 different points thus creating a 3D virtual software map of plate’s deformations. The map is used to compensate the hot-end height, keeping it always at the same level even if the plate is strongly deformed or too steeply inclined, avoiding any first layer adhesion issues.

More picture here and a video here.

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