Turtle Rover: the World’s First Customizable Remote-Controlled Mobile Robot

By on September 2, 2017
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Turtle, the world’s first Earth rover, has launched on Kickstarter. Turtle has up to four hours of continuous driving and a Wi-Fi range up to 200 m/220 yd. The rover has open source hardware and software, a watertight design, full HD camera and live streaming. It is also equipped with a robotic arm.

Turtle Rover is capable of working in rough terrain and is available for everyone. It is an RC-robot that allows equipment to be mounted on it and to record in places like caves, water reservoirs and ruins. It gives users the freedom to add extensions as needed. This is made possible by the mounting surface on the top of the rover, open electronics based on Raspberry Pi and open-source code.

The rover’s casing is entirely watertight, including the robotic arm. This allows the rover to be driven in any kind of weather, including underwater.

Turtle is steered remotely through the Wi-Fi app. Through the app, the Turtle can be driven anywhere, to bring back what it finds, snap photos and record videos. Because Turtle has long-range communication capabilities, Turtle can be operated remotely. The rover streams live HD camera view and lets you see where you are going even if it is out of sight. The app works on any device that has access to a web browser, like phones or tablets.

Watch the video below to see Turtle Rover in action.

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