Tiny and Cute Open source 3D printer Smartrap is on Indiegogo

By on December 1, 2013
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Ok, there is plenty of open source 3Dprinters (starting from our amazing, super professional and stable 3Drag) but this printer is really cute and incredibly simple(despite we can’t say about stability and performances), so we thought it was worth supporting, see the assembly video:


A “real” open source reprap kit aimed to be the simplest to build and maintain.

3D printer industry is exploding and we can see new products almost everyday. That’s fine and we are the first happy about that .But what about the root ? The real open source reprap (read: self-replicating ) machine design ? It initiated all this growing industry and now, designers , slowly but surely, abandon the original spirit for a more mass production oriented fabrication, using laser cut wood or aluminium , steel frames , machined elements everywhere. This is of course perfectly understandable as we live in a consumer world.

We, at Smartfriendz, a small french designers and builders team, believe there is place for another reprap printer which would be more simple to produce, to build, to un-build! and maintain (The simplest reprap ever!) while being a real reprap: reproducible at home thanks to printed parts structure, GPL licence and professional quality documentation and support.ork to reproduce yourself. Only a 3d printer will do the job!

via Open source 3D printer Smartrap | Indiegogo.

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