The Open Prosthetics Project is making giant leaps

By on August 23, 2014
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The Open Prosthetics project is making giant leaps: the current list of projects under development is pretty terrific:

  1. Amputee Preference Census
  2. Open Arms
  3. Open Myoelectric Platforms
  4. Open Standards
  5. RFID Object Identification for Control Information
  6. The OPP “T-Hook,” an Updated Trautman-Style Hook
  7. Vector Prehensor
  8. Updating the APRL Hook
  9. New Split Hook
  10. Improved Body Powered Harness
  11. LEGO Hand
  12. Pimp My Arm
  13. Upper Extremity Prosthetic Patent Database
  14. Prosthetic User Repair Kit
  15. Appropriate Technology Prosthetic Solutions
  16. Open Source CAD Program
  17. Cuban Prosthetic Cultural Exchange
  18. Tools for Collaboration on Open Design
  19. Mod Squad
  20. Swimming Prosthesis
  21. D.I.Y. Below Knee Leg Prosthesis
  22. Lego Team Makes Prosthetic Swimming Arm


The Open Prosthetics Project is producing useful innovations in the field of prosthetics and freely sharing the designs. This project is an open source collaboration between users, designers and funders with the goal of making our creations available for anyone to use and build upon. Our hope is to use this and our complementary sites to create a core group of “lead users,” and to speed up and amplify the impact of their innovations in the industry.

via The Open Prosthetics Project.

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