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By on March 10, 2014
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Open Source Hardware replica of the Enigma machine.


Imagine having this iconic device on your desk: You can use it to simply display a scrolling marquee of any text message on its unique LED screen or encrypt/decrypt any information you wish using (still today) a very secure key. This is an ideal device to teach or learn about encryption, history & math. Because of its open software & the community of developers, the possibilities are endless & your reward is bound to increase in value over time as new applications (like e-mail encryption, secure router, etc) are written.

The original (pre-war) Enigma code was initially broken in Poland and subsequently by a team of Bletchley Park cryptologists under the leadership of U.K.’s own Alan Turing who is one of the fathers of computer science. Bletchley Park’s ability to break the Enigma code is believed to have shortened World War II by about 2 years. Enigma machines are an extremely rare and important part of computing history.  A real Enigma machine sold for $200,000 in 2011. 

via The Open Enigma Project by S&T Geotronics — Kickstarter.

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