The Kyub: experiments with IXD and Music, in Open Source

By on April 7, 2014
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One more project mixing music, Interaction design and opensource, in a DIY fashion!

What is the Kyub?

The Kyub is a maker friendly, open source MIDI keyboard that provides a new window to musical performance. Capacitive sensing gives the Kyub extremely sensitive action and an internal accelerometer allows the volume of each note to be precisely controlled for versatile musical expression. You can attach multiple Kyubs to a computer synthesizer or digital audio workstation for solo play, jamming with friends, or composition. A computer with a synthesizer program is required to make music,  Almost any computer-based synthesizer can be used–we provide information on connecting the Kyub to the free demo version of Propellerhead Reason which provides access to hundreds of high quality sounds

 What are the features of the Kyub?
  • 11 fully programmable feather touch keypads on five surfaces of a 3 inch wooden cube. ·
  • Three axis 3G accelerometer usable to control note volume, after touch or pitch bending ·
  • A Teensy AVR microcontroller with native USB MIDI support programmable with the Arduino tool chain. ·
  • Three open source programs for immediate experimentation and playing providing major minor scales pentatonic, blues scale and Japanese scales, chord mode playing, string mode playing and percussion mode playing. ·
  • Compatible with most software synthesizers including the free demo of  Propellerhead Reason Essentials providing access to hundreds of high quality synthesized instruments. Works with iPad-based synthesizers as well using the camera adapter accessory ·
  • Easy to assemble laser cut wood housing that will accept a variety of finishes.

via The Kyub: a Three-Dimensional Feather Touch MIDI Keyboard by Kyub Music LLC — Kickstarter.


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