• DIY Relativty Open Source VR Headset

    Relativty is an open source affordable SteamVR-compatible headset that can be made for around $100. The Relativty VR headset uses a 3D printed frame to house a 2560 x 1440 LCD screen, together with a pair of...

    • Posted 4 weeks ago
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  • Arduino Robot is Perfect to Cook You Breakfast

    James Bruton has just created an Arduino-powered robot that is able to boil an egg for you (for now), but he’s planning to expand its repertoire as a sort of ongoing theme/project. The robot first holds an...

    • Posted 2 months ago
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  • DIY Ground Control Station for Your Drone

    The maker Elad Orbach spent a lot of time assembling and disassembling parts and cables from his laptop. Tired to deal with the assembling and disassembling in the field, he decided to create something more durable then...

    • Posted 3 months ago
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  • Eve, the Most Valued Arduino Confident

    If you ever find yourself needing someone to talk to and can’t find a confidant then the Eve chatbot by Debashish Buragohain will happily fill in. “With her, You can share your experiences, your feelings and most...

    • Posted 11 months ago
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