The Tactigon is a board for wearable applications prototyping, able to recognize gestures and different kind of movements, thanks to the firmware availability and simple programming which are typical of the Arduino environment. You knew about it...

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  • OpenStore: new Raspberry Pi accessories

    Media Remote Control With IR Receiver Module Kit For Raspberry Pi This IR remote control long with GPIO-based IR receiver plugs into a Raspberry Pi and allows you to control all standard media functions.     Dual Motor...

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  • The Tactigon, THE gesture controller

      Tactigon is born for the prototyping and developing of interfaces for gesture recognition and capture both integrated with environmental parameters; this board connects via Bluetooth and can be programmed through Arduino IDE.  

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  • Presenting Microchip GestIC for implementing Gesture recognition

    Among the user interfaces available on the market, there is the one recently developed by Microchip and based on a new technology for gesture recognition, suitable for the creation of innovative man-machine interfaces. This function is created...

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  • Motus open 3D gesture based interface for creators

    This beautiful project just announced it will be open source if funded. Unfortunately enough, despite the quality of the campaingn, it looks like the road to making it is still a bit long. Motus is a, simple, elegant open...

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  • GestureR Arduino-compatible Gesture Sensing Module is on Kickstarter

    GestureR is an Arduino-compatible gesture sensing module that brings you to your DIY devices, with one of the latest technologies in smartphones! GestureR will be the first gesture sensing shield you can find in the market. It...

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  • OOTSIDEBOX develops Touchless 3D Gesture UI

    Despite this project is not open source, this advanced HMI projects was submitted by the community and it looks like a great one, with a bold idea. The project is also open for app development: Ootsidebox is a...

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