• Intel® IoT Cloud Analytics: monitor your boards’ swarm

    Intel provides a nice feature dedicated to its IoT boards users: the IoT Analytics portal. IoT Analytics includes resources for the collection and analysis of sensor data that the Intel® IoT Developer Kit provides without having to invest...

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  • ArduSHIELD most universal shield for ARDUINO ever, 200% funded on Indiegogo

    ArduShield it is most universal development shield for most popular Arduino boards like a Arduino UNO R3, Mini, Pro Mini V5, Nano V3, MicroR3, Leonardo, Yun, Zero, Galileo Gen2 and many other derivative boards created by great...

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  • Intel to Bring Heavy Dose of IoT Offerings to Embedded World 2016

    Intel officials at the upcoming Embedded World 2016 show will roll out a broad array of hardware and software that will make it easier for developers to create new products for the Internet of things. The chip...

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  • An Intel Galileo Walkthrough

      Despite the Arduino YUN was presented just recently, already a new board that is compatible with GNU/Linux has been released. This one is based on x86 technology and made by Intel, the leader of this technology....

    • Posted 10 years ago
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  • Arduino premieres at Maker Faire Rome: Galileo with Intel and Arduino Tre (Linux)

    Maker Faire Rome opening conference yesterday was pretty cool in terms of announcements and Massimo Banzi revealed a great collaboration plan with Intel, the Arduino Galileo: Intel Galileo board is the first product in a new family...

    • Posted 11 years ago
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